About us


Many people have asked us why we live in Greenland, and the answer is quite simple. We love it. Life is simple, people are friendly and the nature is absolutely gorgeous.  

My name is Jesper Øraker, and my family and I are the proud owners of

 Greenland Escape and their sister companies. We are a family based company, so when you decide to start a cooperation with Greenland Escape, you start a relationship with me and my family as well. 

I am Danish-born, my wife, Laura, is from Wisconsin, our oldest son, Johan Marius, was born in New Jersey and our youngest, Oliver, was born here in Nuuk, Greenland. After living in Denmark, Sweden, USA and Greenland - we finally decided to settle here in Nuuk.

It is hard not to be impressed by the nature in Greenland. The grand fjords, wildlife, whales and the ancient, beautiful icebergs. We fell in love with it all, and the biggest reason for starting Greenland Escape is to show you why we love it here.

Our company culture is family oriented. We believe in trusting our employees, so whoever is servicing you will be able to help you on the go. This means our hierarchy is flat and everybody has a say in day-to-day operations. 

At Greenland Escape, we deliver tailored solutions to the demanding customer. We either in-house, with our own equipment, or via trusted partners deliver the best service available in Greenland.  With more than 12 years of experience in logistics, agency and tourism, we are more than ready to meet your requirements when entering a partnership with us. 

So, we dare you to come to Greenland. Come meet us, come see the nature, meet the friendly people - and escape to a place that none of your friends has ever been before.  

We welcome you to Greenland!

The very best, 

Jesper Øraker

Owner and Managing Partner